Worth isn’t a transaction

Likes. Comments. Follows. Lives. Direct messages. The government of any trend, celebrity, show. The king of cancelling or growing. We all have our own testimony when it comes to the world that is social media. I want to share a bit about my own.

When I was 13, I was introduced to the world of Instagram. The first day I got it, I spent 6 hours straight on it. Exploring, following, liking, commenting. It was so much fun and unlike anything I’d ever seen. I was hooked. 

The thing with social media is that it doesn’t affect you quickly with a thunderous entrance, it is gradual and silent. I saw it as nothing but a way to see what my friends were doing, boy was I wrong. I gradually and unknowingly fell into a hole of spending hours upon hours in an entire world at the end of my fingertips. However, over time it was changing what I put value into. I started to be in awe of people with thousands of followers, people with adventurous lifestyles, people with small waists and big bums. I wanted to be part of all of it, and yet I had none of it. I spent hours in this world that seemed like a paradise. But then I’d click the off button on the side of my screen, the paradise would go black and I was back into my average, mundane life. Nothing real felt good enough. I lived in this cycle for 3-4 years.

Do you want to know what was at the root of it all? COMPARISON. I was bound by comparing my life to others on social media. That’s the thing with social media, you define someone’s entire life by a couple photos, and then decide to compare it to your entire life and being. 

What we see on social media isn’t their LIFE. It’s snippets, sure, but not always organic, natural snippets. Many are edited, planned, filtered. 

Jesus wants so much more for our lives than pictures on a screen. He offers relationship and love and consistency and trust, none of which can be given to you by a screen. Don’t get me wrong, social media can be used for some incredible things and has a place in our world, but we have to stop giving it worth and power over God and what He wants to say about us.

Social media teaches us that when we put worth into someone else’s looks and popularity, it drains our worth. So many people think that ‘because that is deemed as beautiful, I can’t also be beautiful‘ or ‘because they got so many likes for looking like that, I have to get that many likes to be deemed as popular too.

This is SUCH a lie that society has got to stop teaching. Your worth isn’t a transaction. Someone else’s worth doesn’t rip away your own. God gave us INDIVIDUALITY. He knitted your identity, body, face, laughter, passions, PERSONALLY!! He doesn’t see you for the amount of likes you have or the filtered pictures of you on your socials, He sees your heart and soul, how you treat people and how you love.

When I realised how bound I was by social media and the traits it had embedded in me, I started having mini ‘detoxes’ from it all. When it all gets a bit much and I find myself putting more value in social media over what God says about me, I delete social media for a bit and refocus on what God says about me, placing value in that.

In a world that is navigated by likes and comments, show yourself and others the abundant love of Jesus.

God bless,

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Maddy is currently running a community out of her church in Launceston, Cornwall. She has a passion for working in hospitality and reaching out into the community.

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