Why kindness is important.

Praise be to the Lord, for he showed me the wonders of his love when I was in a city under siege

Psalm 31:21 [NLT]

Kindness and why it is important.

Kindness has always been an important quality to me and is big characteristic I look for within people when noticing different individualistic about them as people. Kindness is the act of being kind, considerate, gentle and having care within their words. Kindness is so important to show others especially during troubling times, or even when times are fine within our own lives there is always a big challenge of where we show kindness even when we feel at our worst, someone could also be going through the same struggles and worries as we are, or even going through worse than what we’re feeling so its always best to treat people with kindness wherever we are in our lives. 

I am aware that many of you have either gone through some troubling times or have gone through times where we feel as though our whole world has come crashing down on us whether people have shown us small acts of kindness whether that is checking up on us with a simple message of ‘How’re you?’ when we least expect it, or them doing something bigger by getting us a gift because someone has thought of us whilst listening to music or in the shop and thought of you with flowers, chocolate or something that relates to you and their friendship and thoughts on them.

You are a valued person within many peoples lives and you will more often than not come across situations where showing kindness seems like the hardest task to achieve especially if we have been in contact with people who don’t show us kindness. 

Kindness is so important not only is it important to receive kindness but its also so crucial for you to give kindness not only does it reflect on you but it also reflects on you as a Christian and the type of love and compassion we give to others around us. You never know what people could be going through so its always best to be kind and love everyone we come into contact with.  Jesus has always taught us that kindness and consideration is the way to peoples hearts even if we feel as though it isn’t, Jesus tells us that it is. 

We as humans have basic emotions whether we would like to feel them or not we do and we are prone to mirror our emotions based of off how others treat us, and if its negative then we reflect negative emotions such as anger, sadness, disgust etc. If people treat us well then we are able to give the same reception back with happiness, empathy, loyalties etc. 

Treat people how you want to be treated is a saying that is old but true. You should always treat others with respect and kindness as that is the best way forward for you and your relationship with others. There is a big domino effect within how we treat people and then how others on the outside view us with how we reacted or treated those. Everyone deserves to be loved and have kindness given to them. 

Love people how Jesus loves us. 

If you smile there will be loads of people who smile back.

Luke 6:30 [NLT]

Give to anyone who asks; and when things are taken from you, don’t try and get them back. Do to others as you would like them to do to you.

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Beth will be starting university in September, studying Primary Education. She is super excited about the future and what God has in store for her over the next coming years.

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