Two are better than one

If you’re anything like me relationships are a huge part of your life. Whether that’s your relationship with your mum, a friend or even a colleague at work. Relationships are arguably the foundation of our lives, I mean without them life would get pretty boring. So, this got me thinking how can we make sure we have healthy and meaningful relationships that encourage us in faith?

Friendships are incredible and personally for me, such a big part of life. I go to my friends with everything as I’m sure most of you do too. Despite this, some friendships and relationships in our lives can drain us and sometimes make us feel like we are fighting a losing battle, this is not how it should be at all. Relationship is a beautiful thing and something God wants for all of us.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-11 [NIV]

Two are better than one….if either of them falls down, one can help the other up…

Christ wants us to have relationships. He wants us to have relationships where either person in that relationship can help the other in the case of a fall. Looking into this in more detail; relationships should push you towards being a better version of yourself, constantly helping you grow whether that is in your faith or habits or just generally helping you to be a better person.

 1 Corinthians 15:33 [NIV] 

Bad company corrupts good character

Like I said relationships are such a big part of all of our lives, so it is no shock that our relationships have a massive impact on how we act and who we are as a person. Sometimes, its hard to determine our good relationships from our bad ones. Bad relationships will leave you feeling judged, insecure, unconfident, and just deflated and down, which are all things no one wants to experience. The thing is when we surround ourselves with people that make us feel like this, its also holding us back, preventing us from growing and bettering ourselves. Good relationships are the opposite of this.

My advice to you is to seek those Godly relationships, people who will walk with you through your struggles. Someone who is there to listen and give you the best advice they can, so that when they need you, then you can be there for them just as they have been for you.

You might be sat there thinking what is a Godly relationship? Well, its a relationship that makes you stronger in your faith not weaker, and thus happier in general. It’s something that creates good character. It’s something that builds us up and helps us to grow through every season in our life. It’s the kind of relationship that God wants for all of us!

Find those good, Godly relationships for yourself today.

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Megan is currently in the last year of her A-levels and is looking forward to possibly taking a gap year to travel and then after that is planning to head off to university, she is so excited to see where God takes her!

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