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Time is of the essence

As I’ve grown up and started my journey into (kind of) adulthood, one thing that has become so evident is the importance of TIME!! I’ve recently started a new job working full time and have found juggling work, a social life, my faith, family time and health/fitness such a struggle!! Each week, no matter how much I try to plan each day to have a balance of each, I always fall short in one area, whether that is not taking enough time to spend time with God, or only ever seeing my parents in passing when I’m running out the door to work or hang with friends. It’s something I’m sure you can all relate to me with, in one way or another.

However, in this crazy season I’ve learnt such a big lesson. During this busy period, I got stuck in a repetitive cycle of setting an alarm 15 minutes earlier than I needed to wake up, with the intention to set apart time to spend reading my Bible and being with God before I started my day, but each day I would wake up and end up spending that time on my phone and then rushing to get ready for the day and not spending any time with God.

After a couple days of this happening, the change in how I felt and acted as a whole was actually insane….I was a whole different person. I quickly slipped into bad habits that I hadn’t struggled with for so long, I wasn’t approaching things with the fragrance of God that I used to aim to or hearing Him as actively in my day to day as I had previously and absolutely loved….I just wasn’t myself. This ricocheted such a big impact in myself because I realised how much I YEARNED for God, for His presence in my day to day life, for the comfort He gives me and perspective of life and the importance of Him being in my life….I am NOTHING without Him. Such a big lesson in this is that, the fact I couldn’t feel Him or see Him had nothing to do with Him and everything to do with me…..He was still there ready to use me as a disciple and servant…but I wasn’t living in a manner of openness for Him to use me for His will, but was allowing my flesh and society to dictate how I lived my day to day. I am now on a journey of disciplining myself back to spending that intentional time with God daily and though it is a struggle, that period of absence was enough for me to see that I couldn’t live my life without a relationship with God.

The question I really feel God has put on my heart for you guys to ask yourselves is;

‘If you weren’t a Christian, how much would your day to day change?’

If your immediate answer to this is that your day wouldn’t be greatly affected, I would love to challenge you to look at your day and see where you may be able to squeeze in or set apart some time solely for your faith and relationship with Jesus. Opening up your day for God to work into it allows Him to fill you with His spirit and actively use you for His will for this world.

Take time out in your day for The one who loves you most and He will use you in ways you won’t imagine possible.

If you want to read into taking time out for God further, check out  John 6:50-71

God bless, 

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Maddy has just completed her A-Levels and is now planning to take a gap year to do some missionary work. She is super excited to discover what God has in store for her during and after this gap year.

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