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The Leaf

‘You are altogether beautiful, my darling;
there is no flaw in you’ – Song of Songs 4:7

Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve written here; how’re you doing? I hope your 2020 is going really well so far!

There’s not really any specific reason as to why I haven’t been active on here other than wanting to take a moment to step back and to pray into what God has in store for 2020 with Every Season Counts. I can already see and understand some of the things He wants to do and I’m so excited for them and even more excited for all of you to be a part of the journey as well.

For my first post back, I thought I’d share a little story with you all. I hope that this will help you just as much as it helped me.

The Leaf

A few years ago, before I even dreamed of starting a blog I felt really really insecure. I woke up every single day, hating who was in mirror. There were lies going through my head all the time. Things telling me I wasn’t pretty enough, skinny enough or smart enough, that was I too normal or too weird. There were lies telling me that I wasn’t beautiful and that I wasn’t worthy. These lies completely took over my mind everyday.

One day, around the beginning of autumn, I was walking home from work. I remember feeling so lonely and lost. I remember feeling very un-worthy and very far from beautiful. I remember being on the verge of tears and breakdown.

As I was about half way home, on this particular walk, I suddenly felt this urge to slow down and eventually just stop. I heard this voice tell me to look down, so I did… to begin with all I found myself looking at was my feet, but then the voice spoke again and when I looked for a second time I saw hundreds of fallen leaves. Every single one of them different. So many colours and so many shades of those colours. So many shapes and sizes. So many different details. So much beauty. All because of their uniqueness.

What I want you to know and realise is that you are unique. And you uniqueness makes you beautiful. It makes you priceless. It makes you irreplaceable.

Being unique is something that is special. It’s special because it means that when you were brought onto the Earth, God thought about every single hair on your head and particle in your body. He designed you and created you so there would only ever be one of you. And that makes you very special in His eyes.

Your uniqueness makes you special.

Your uniqueness makes you beautiful.

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Lydia is the Founder & director of Every Season Counts. She is the eldest of 10, meaning that she has 9 younger siblings; 4 sisters & 5 brothers! She is passionate about all things photography and loves design.

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