Staying connected to God during the academic year.

It’s now that time of year where you may be back into a regular routine within restrictions of the new ‘normal’. It’s that time again where schools, colleges, universities and work places open for many people. Usually it is hard to get back into the routine after the summer, however this year, most of us have had at least an 8 month gap since things were somewhat normal.  Therefore for many it is going to take longer than normal to adjust to, especially with the new rules surrounding COVID-19. 

If you are going through this situation currently and are already feeling overwhelmed, stressed or/and anxious, don’t worry, we are all in it with you. There are many people going through the transition to the new ‘normal’ and we all have our own ways to deal with it. However, as Christian’s it is very important during these times that we do not let go of our connection with God, as He is the one who knows best, and can help us through the upcoming trails. 

It can be hard to juggle studying with a social life and spending time with Jesus, but one easy way to keep on top of everything is to make a routine/timetable that you stick to. I have recently moved away to University, and if I hadn’t have made a plan, I would be all over the place right now! When we are busy, it’s so easy to put reading the Bible to the back of our minds or the bottom of our pile too, however it should always be our main priority.

Set aside a time, even if it’s when you wake up and before you go to bed, to make sure you get into the Word of God. The Bible is His main way of speaking to us, so when we begin to lack in the reading of it, it can begin to make us feel disconnected from Him, which during these current times is not what anyone wants. 

Just remember that God is always there…holding your hand.


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