Single Words Collection

Oh. My. Goodness… it’s finally here!!! And we couldn’t be more excited!!!

If you have no clue what I’m talking about… here at Every Season Counts we launched our very first merchandise collection! This is something we’ve been dreaming up, planning and praying over for around about a year now and to say I’m excited about it all is most definitely an understatement!

As the collection has been live for a couple weeks now, I thought that it would be fitting to walk you guys through the collection and what it’s all about…

So let’s begin with the surface…

We decided to call this collection the ‘Single Words Collection’. This is simply because all of the products in the collection are based off of a single word. They’re based off of a single word that has a deeper meaning than we may initially see on the surface. This collection as a whole, is a reflection of the fact that as people there is so much more to us than meets the eye. It’s a reminder that there is so much purpose and potential written within each one of us and an even greater reminder of the way God see us and the way He feels about us through every season.

So now you know what the collection is about, let’s take a deeper look into each product we have for you guys…


From the moment we decide we were going to create merch, I knew that in one way or another, love had to be included – but in a different way. And so, after chatting with someone, they suggested agape, and we all absolutely loved this idea. 

This product represents so much for us at ESC. It represents the unconditional and deep love that Jesus has for each person that walks this Earth. It reminds us that through it all He doesn’t just show us the greatest of loves, He is the greatest of loves. Our hope with this product is that it encourages people to step out and show the world agape love day after day.



Something I love to see, and one of the reasons I run ESC, is seeing people thrive in their faith and their everyday life. I love to see others raising each other up and helping each other to grow, creating a sisterhood and community. This is why thrive is in the collection.

This product is there to remind us of the purpose and potential that we each carry in our life, helping us to remember that through every season, we can thrive in all things.



This was the last word to be added to the collection and I’m SO glad we added it! 

This product and this word can mean so many things. It’s a reminder that you are worthy of life, that you are an important part of God’s plan and that you are chosen by Him, despite every wrong thing you may have ever done. But it’s also a reminder that He is worthy because of the sacrifice He has showed us. You are worthy. He is worthy.



This word is something that is very linked to the reason ESC began. Something we are super passionate about is reminding people of their purpose. Often during this process, people can compare themselves to the people before them. We want to remind people of their uniqueness and the beauty it carries. 

This products purpose is to not only remind people they are unique but to encourage them to walk boldly and confidently in the body and mind that was created specifically for them, by the most extraordinary creator.



There is so much depth and personal meaning to this product, not only to me, but to some members of the ESC team. I think that it adds beautiful meaning to the collection.

This product is here to remind us that we are loved with a love that won’t just last for a season but will continue to love us through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. It’s a reminder that we are loved with a love that accepts us just as we are, but still gives us room to grow. It’s a truly wonderful, everlasting love.


We hope you love this collection and the meaning it carries just as much as we do! We’ve loved seeing you all receive your orders and cannot wait to see how much more God has for this. If you would like to purchase a product, please head to the ESC SHOP and let us know what your favourite pieces are!

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Lydia is the Founder & director of Every Season Counts. She is the eldest of 10, meaning that she has 9 younger siblings; 4 sisters & 5 brothers! She is passionate about all things photography and loves design.

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