Self Love Club.

Hello lovely people! It has been 4 long months since I have written a blog and it is great to be back! I hope you are all thriving and doing well. A reminder that you are deeply loved and appreciated by so many people, and you are so important and counted for in this world. 

Psalm 139:14 [NIV]

‘I Praise your name because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; I know that full well.’ 

For this blog I had really struggled with the idea of talking about self-love because lately I have not been the nicest or most loving I can be to myself. If I had a bruise for every time I had said something negative about me, I would be covered head to toe in them! I will take any opportunity I can to bully myself. Whether that is from telling myself I look ‘fat’ in any outfit I wear, telling myself I will never be loved by anyone because ‘I’m not good enough or worthy enough to be loved by anyone’. There are so many examples I could give you, but where would the point be in that? That does not help me grow, that does not help me love like Jesus loves us, it does nothing for me emotionally, physically, or spiritually. I get stuck in an endless cycle of self-hatred and it takes me weeks, even months to stop that cycle for a short period of time. 

There is so many little but big things I have done that have caused me to be more loving and forgiving to myself for being so harsh. I will share one thing that has been big for me, and that is with the clothes that I wear. I wear a range of clothing styles… baggy, tight, black, white, bright coloured…absolutely anything! But the piece of clothing that I cannot get on with no matter the style I go for, no matter the colour, I just cannot get on with them and that is, jeans. You may think, what a ridiculous thing to be insecure about wearing jeans, but I thought ‘why not just stop wearing the one thing that makes me feel so ill in myself?! Why not stop wearing something that I am going to be feeling horrible in the entire day?!‘ Jeans really are not my friend…I struggle to find sizes that fit my thighs, stomach, and hips all at the same time. No shop I have personally been in has pleased me and made me want to go back for another pair of their jeans.

But my main question I would ask myself is why would I want to try and squeeze in a pair of jeans when jeans are the thing that’s supposed to fit me, not me fit into them? 

I have decided to remove Jeans from my life because they bring me nothing but unhappiness. That is my version of self-love lately. Removing things that do not help me to feel wonderfully & beautifully made or help me to love myself. 

I had confided in someone about how I was struggling with ‘Self Love’ and how I did not feel I could write this blog without being incredibly hypocritical to anyone that read this. But they came back to me and spoke this; 

“Beth this is the perfect opportunity to reach out to people and help them to remember that no matter how much we don’t love ourselves or appreciate our bodies. God does.”

Which helped me to realise that no matter how much I may ‘hate’ the way I look there will always be God pouring His perfect love and compassion into our lives showing us how much He loves and cares for us no matter what we look like. He made us in His image and God never makes mistakes. 

God chose me. Beth, to be His witness and to be His daughter. He chose you to be His too. He does not care what we look like. He just wants us to be His. 

Continue to seek God and let Him guide you through all the storms in your life. Including the storms in your head. 

Here are a few affirmations that you can say to yourself each morning/evening or anytime of the day when you need it:

  • I love the body that God has given me.
  • I am worthy of love and to be loved.
  • God made me in His perfect image. 
  • I have so much to offer this world. 
  • I am worth more than my appearance. 
  • My body is my home and I will not tear it down. 

Philippians 4:13-14 [NIV]

I can do all this through Him who gives me strength

You are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made no matter how many times you tell yourself you are not.

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Beth will be starting university in September, studying Primary Education. She is super excited about the future and what God has in store for her over the next coming years.

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