One of the most challenging things that I overcame in my journey of faith was talking openly about my Christianity to my non-Christian friends and family. Anytime I ever thought about it, I cringed inside because I didn’t want to be judged and more importantly, rejected in those friendships for my views. I was so worried they would laugh or think I was crazy or old fashioned and I settled on leading an almost ‘double life’ just to be comfortable in school and work. But I soon realised that this was impacting my walk with God and where He wanted me to be, as I wasn’t open to do things His way in fear of rejection or stepping out of my comfort zone. So I actively started to work on this, gradually slipping it into conversation and posting things on social media linked to my faith and I got so much of a better response than I expected; with friends asking me questions about it, asking for prayer and accepting me for who I was and my views. This allowed me to fully live my life through God and His plan for me and I felt comfortable speaking words over peoples lives and praying for them.

Rejection is such a toxic yet powerful foothold that the enemy has and uses to create a wall in between you and the things God has for you. I’m sure we can all name a time that we didn’t follow through with something due to fear of rejection in it, whether that is pursuing a relationship or a job role or a once in a lifetime opportunity, because when it comes down to it…to open yourself up to the risk of rejection you have to be vulnerable. I’ve had times when I’ve been vulnerable with a guy about my feelings or in a job interview and I’ve been rejected and left feeling embarrassed and regretful….it leaves you feeling not good enough or unworthy….BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE. 

In times like these….whether you are wanting to pursue something that could leave you feeling rejected or you have already been rejected….remember that rejection isn’t always bad, it can be God’s way of steering you in another direction if He doesn’t want you to pursue that thing or person. It also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be striving for that thing….it may be that you’re not quite ready for it and in a couple weeks/months you should retry and will be successful. 

One thing we always forget is that….JESUS HIMSELF WAS REJECTED.  

John 1:11

‘He came to His own people and they rejected Him’

 Jesus knows how it feels and understands your fear….He wasn’t just rejected by His people, but His own family too when He initially started in ministry.

Mark 3:21

‘When his family heard what was happening, they tried to take him away. “He’s out of his mind,” they said’

 And yet that didn’t stop Him from travelling to tell people about God and carry out miracles that are well known and taught even today. 

Don’t allow past rejections and fear stop carrying out the plan God has set on your life, pursue His calling for you and if it doesn’t go the way you thought it would…get back and strive onwards. Hold onto the fact that God will never reject you, He will always be there to welcome you.

Psalm 66:20

‘blessed be God, because he has not rejected my prayer or removed his steadfast love from me!’

Rejection doesn’t define you, so don’t allow it to.

God bless,

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Maddy has just completed her A-Levels and is now planning to take a gap year to do some missionary work. She is super excited to discover what God has in store for her during and after this gap year.

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