Perfection – the state or quality of being perfect.


Being perfect is something we all bring upon ourselves. I don’t know about you but I look online and as I scroll through social media I see ‘perfection’. Or do I? 

When we look at social media, we see ‘perfect’ people living their ‘perfect’ lives. We see people with their ‘perfect’ jobs, ‘perfect’ bodies and ‘perfect’… well… everything. What we see online is what we think we need to have (which is funny because a lot of what you see online isn’t the whole truth and isn’t what that persons life is really like). It allows us to believe that if our lives, our bodies our relationships, jobs, skin, hair or anything isn’t ‘perfect’ (like what we see online or someone else’s life), then we can’t be the happiest we could be. We allow perfection to consume our minds and take over our everyday. 

You see, perfection is like a voice. A voice that tells you and I we’re not good enough, not clever, too thin, too fat, not popular enough, not sexy enough or pretty enough for anyone. This voice can sometimes be extremely loud and very hard to silence. Meaning we compare ourselves to those ‘perfect’ people online. 

What I want you to know, and what I still need reminding a lot of the time is that right now, just as you are… you are enough and will always be enough. You are perfect in Gods eyes because you are different and unique to everyone and anyone you will ever meet. That person you consider ‘perfect’ has flaws,  but that’s okay because those flaws make that person who they are and who God designed them to be. Your flaws are just the same. There is no such thing as a perfect human, we all mess up. None of us will ever be able to reach the level we have created perfection to be, because we live in an imperfect and sinful world. Despite being imperfect and sinful, to Jesus you are everything, wonderful, beautiful and so precious just as you are.

So, silence the voice of perfection in Jesus name. Because you are enough in every way, just as you are.

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Lydia is the Founder & director of Every Season Counts. She is the eldest of 10, meaning that she has 9 younger siblings; 4 sisters & 5 brothers! She is passionate about all things photography and loves design.

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