My Story: Megan Bradshaw

I had no idea how much this little thing would change my life so significantly

Megan Bradshaw

Hi, I’m Megan and this is my story…

Roughly two years ago, a close family friend of mine had managed to get me a little Sunday job in a cafe at a kids Softplay area, at the time I had no idea how much this little thing would change my life so significantly. I was extremely nervous for my first shift but was welcomed by the lovely people that I was working with that day. As time went on I began to work more and more and started to form friendships with the people that worked there. As these friendships grew I began to learn that they all were apart of the church that was actually linked to the Softplay area.

One day, one of them mentioned to me about how they had attended a festival called Soul Survivor, at the time I had absolutely no clue about anything or what kind of things were even incorporated with faith! Anyway, as they explained it a bit more to me I thought it sounded really cool and I really admired the things that, that person was telling me.

A couple months had passed and those friendships that I had formed grew stronger and stronger, and again some others had began to mention Soul Survivor to me. I was then invited to come along and help out at a youth event that was held by the youth leader of their church. This entailed making milkshakes every Friday night which despite being messy I enjoyed nonetheless. This was great as it allowed me to get to know people from church and get a better understanding of everything.

My friends then officially asked me to come along to Soul Survivor with them that summer, I was very apprehensive and kept changing my mind about whether I was going to go or not, however, I decided to go and it was honestly the best week of my life! The main things that really touched me was; the worship and just seeing how dedicated everyone was to Jesus.. and hearing about how Jesus had worked in many peoples lives was so incredible for me to hear. I could just see how on fire everyone around me was for Jesus and I just found that so amazing! Once Soul Survivor was over I started going to the Bible study group at our church every week and I absolutely loved it. Throughout this time I became very conscientious of how Jesus had been working in my life up until that point. One thing that was very relevant for me at that time was how Gods timing is perfect. I could really see that I had been on a journey which has brought me to meet Christ, if I hadn’t have met certain people, if they hadn’t have opened up to me about their faith then I would have missed out on something that ultimately has changed my life.

I am not from a Christian family unlike most people I knew at the time, so for me this was so scary as I didn’t really know how to tell my family that I wanted to be a Christian, however, after a chat with my youth leader, I prayed about it and then a couple of days later I told my family and the response I got was better than I could have ever imagined and I am so SO thankful for that. 

Jeremiah 31:3 [ESV]

The Lord appeared to him from far away. I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.

This verse is so very close to my heart and I think that this is something that when I was a non Christian really struck me and allowed me to see how amazing God really is. 

Since I became a Christian I have been really trying to become closer to Jesus, there are still times when I feel like “oh I am doing this wrong?!” or “ah I’m not sure what I am doing right now!”, but one thing that I have found really comforting through my journey is knowing that Jesus loves you no matter what, that He knows you, and He is working for your good. 

We hope that you loved reading Megan’s story and seeing how God has been working through her and in her life. Remember that your story has value and has so much power. Whatever your story is, tell it with confidence, knowing that the Creator of the universe designed it uniquely for you. Your story is so very important and so very special. It makes you who you are and has the power to change lives. Be proud of your journey and proud of your story.

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