Learning the Power of Surrender

Surrender. A classic term used a lot in churches during times of worship, talks or prayer ministry. How often do we actually consider what this means for us practically and spiritually? To leave something at the foot of the cross is to fully release it into the arms of Jesus. It is no longer our burden to carry. I think this process is often a lot easier said than done as we love to have control over our lives and plans. To give everything over to Jesus is to give EVERYTHING over to Jesus; our plans, dreams, goals, hurt, pain and time.

An example from my own life is a couple of years ago I was left hurt and broken by a man I used to work with. I felt completely alone and lost with where to take my pain as it felt as if no one could truly understand the way I was feeling, I didn’t even really fully understand it myself. For a long time I bottled it up, threw a smile on my face and just kept going, not allowing my friends, family or God close enough to know what was truly going on in my heart. About 6 months after, I believe I came to the end of myself. I had run out of excuses for myself and for other people as to why I was feeling the way I was and& I was in desperate need of some relief from the weight of it. After beginning counselling to work through some of the hurt, I recognised the unhealthy patterns I had allowed myself to settle into. I seeked help from leaders at my church and close friends to process the hurt and disappointment with God. I learnt a lot about the goodness of God and how to respond to Him as a child does to a father. It is a beautiful but difficult journey to learning how to be a child again with Jesus, to learn how to just rest with Him instead of trying to have it all figured out on our own.  I surrendered the hurt far more than once. It is easy to pick things back up but God is consistently chasing after our hearts and won’t give up on us. 

Maybe you feel as if you’ve gotten to a point where everything feels too overwhelming to bear, whether it’s plans for your life, relationships, friendships, addiction, your calling, or pain of the past. I just want to remind you of the kindness of your heavenly Father. He is ready and able to take the weight of whatever it is that you’re carrying. You don’t need to worry about burdening Him, He already knows your heart better than you could ever hope to. Run back to Him with it all, He is closer than you know. With surrender comes a greater freedom than you will ever be able to find by trying to figure it out yourself. 

I think something that helped me a lot in grasping the concept of surrendering everything was recognising that everything I have ever had and ever will have isn’t mine, it’s Gods. Each breath that I take, and each morning I wake up is a gift. It’s God’s choice if I make it through the day, not mine. Once I recognised that even the breath in my lungs isn’t mine it helped me to understand that my money, time, belongings, emotions and even my friends and family are all Gods and have been given to me as a gift that is completely undeserved. 

Your Father in heaven KNOWS you. Give it to Him. Don’t worry if you’re nervous, He already knows that too. Remember the goodness of God, and the goodness that is also running after you.

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