It’s okay, not to be okay.

‘The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still’ – Exodus 14:14 [NIV]

 I feel like sometimes we walk into school, work, church or any other place trying to be the person we wish we were right now.

By this, I mean we go somewhere with a smile, laughing at jokes, joining happily in conversation, answering the question “how are you?” with “I’m really good” or “never better”. We do all these things when inside we feel broken. We do all these things when ten minutes before we were on the verge of breakdown. We walk in with a mask, allowing people to think we’re okay. When we’re not.

And this is the problem.. as individuals and as a society we’ve allowed ourselves to believe we have to be okay, happy and ‘perfect’ all the time because that’s the impression social media gives us.. which is obviously reality… NOT!

Because of this expectation to be ‘perfect’ all the time, when we’re not okay, we feel ashamed and trapped. We cover up, giving ourselves a mask.

What I want you to realise is that it’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to have bad days or bad times. It’s okay to be on the verge of breakdown or in the middle of one. It’s okay because you’re not alone. And I know that it feels like it sometimes, but what you’ve got to realise is that God is with you. He knows what you’re going through, He is for you and not against you. He has put people in your live for a reason. People who will listen and support you through everything. 

Something I encourage you to do is to speak those people who will listen. Speak to those who will support you. I encourage you to open yourself up and take off the mask. Admit to yourself that its okay that you’re not okay right now. But know that you will be okay because Jesus is fighting this for you. Know that God is going to use this season to shape you into the most wonderful and amazing person.

It’s okay not to be okay. God is in control. Remember that. 

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Lydia is the Founder & director of Every Season Counts. She is the eldest of 10, meaning that she has 9 younger siblings; 4 sisters & 5 brothers! She is passionate about all things photography and loves design.

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