‘Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others’ – Philippians 2:4 [ESV]


Some days it’s hard to see and hard to know if what you’re doing is right and if what you’re doing is enough. A lot of us put so much effort into so many things and feel like we get nothing in return. Or we put so much effort in and do the little things that add up and feel as if we don’t get noticed for it. This makes us feel like we’re not enough and makes us question “what’s the point?”. It makes us question if what we’re doing is right.

I don’t know who you are or what you do, but I know you do something. I know that you do something that no one else does. I know that something, no… EVERYTHING you do matters, even if it doesn’t get seen. Whatever you do, it makes a difference, it helps someone, possibly just the one person, possibly a lot of people. Whoever or whatever… it makes a difference. The way you do things, the extra things and the things that are expected of you could never be done in the same way with anyone else. You are irreplaceable because you’re unique in the most wonderful way. 

Sometimes, our uniqueness and wonderfulness can be taken for granted. And it sucks when that happens, it sucks because it usually means that the person or the people you were helping didn’t even realise what you actually did for them. Which makes you feel as if it was all just a waste of your time. But let me tell you something, all the little and big things you’ve done in life, they’ve helped someone, somewhere. The things you’ve done may have helped them massively, or maybe a little. That person may know and be able to name what you’ve done for them or they may have no clue, but whatever it is, however much you’ve helped them… you helped someone, you helped change someones life in some way for the better, I promise you that. 

You may look around and feel as if no one cares about you and the things you’ve done. You might feel like no one appreciates you, like everything you did was for nothing because it got you nowhere and probably stressed you out. Here’s the thing, people don’t always know what they’ve got until it’s gone. They don’t always see what someone does for them because they’re caught up in their own little bubble (we’ve all done this, you can’t say you haven’t at some point!) but whatever you’ve done and whatever you do, it matters. Whatever you’ve done and whatever you do, God is proud of. He is so proud of you. Being your unique and wonderful self, serving others, in His eyes is more than enough and makes Him so proud. What you are doing right now, you shouldn’t ask your self “what’s the point?”, you should try and ask your self, “what does what I do, do for others?”. So you can actually realise how amazing you are and how much of an effect you have on people’s lives. 

 I know asking yourself that question doesn’t sound like it solves anything, it just sounds as if you’re still stuck where you were to begin with (being unappreciated)… but know this, God is proud of you. Know that He appreciates every small and big thing you do. He sees it all and appreciates it all. If you’re helping someone, you’re doing the right thing. Maybe, we should all take a look around and see whose helping us. Maybe, we should thank them before we lose them. We all have someone we can show appreciation to! Together, we should show one another our appreciation, together we should make one another feel loved, encouraged and supported. We should let each other know that God is proud of them, whoever they are and whatever they’ve done. In times like these, where you feel unappreciated, thats when we should show our appreciation, and treat people how we want to be treated because you never know how much appreciation could mean to someone. 

He is proud of you. Know that what you’re doing is so so good. And is so so right. 

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Lydia is the Founder & director of Every Season Counts. She is the eldest of 10, meaning that she has 9 younger siblings; 4 sisters & 5 brothers! She is passionate about all things photography and loves design.

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