Okay, so I think we can all agree this year so far has been so so SO crazy! For some people lockdown was amazing – it allowed them to grow in their faith and get closer to God, but, for some people lockdown was a massive challenge, it definitely was for me!

When we went into lockdown I had not been a Christian for very long and losing that support network of my youth group was so so hard. Despite all of this I tried my absolute hardest to get into the word and listen to worship music as much as I could… but sometimes things did just get a bit too much for me and somehow I found myself not having opened my Bible or not even listening to one worship song for over two months.

Feelings of anxiety and self consciousness started to develop, I had never felt so unconfident in my whole life. As we came out of lockdown I found myself struggling with getting back to the normalities of life; seeing my friends, going back to college, dealing with everyday pressures again all seemed to be a lot harder than what I had remembered. At the start of the year I was a relatively confident and social person, but now I feel the complete opposite, I find myself worrying about the absolutely stupidest of things. But, since lockdown restrictions have slowly lifted I have been opening up to close friends about those things I’m worrying about and the anxieties I have and it has really, really helped, I have also become a lot better at praying as this has always been something I struggle with.

Today, the day I am writing this, is currently one day before we go into another lockdown for, at the moment, a month. When I heard we were going into another lockdown I was filled with so much dread and disappointment, but then this morning I felt the need to listen to worship music and I stumbled upon the song Eden by Jervis Campbell. And as I was sat here trying to catch up on college work the lyrics struck me and put at me at ease about the situation ahead.

You’re the bones inside my body You’re the fire that fills my lungs You’re the reason I’m still standing You’re the strength to carry on

Eden by Jervis Campbell

No matter how this lockdown happens for, we ARE going to come out the other side okay. God has got us and He will provide us with the strength to get through anything. Believe that for yourself today, no matter what you’re going through, He will provide. He is right here with you. There is a light at the end of this tunnel.

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Megan is currently in the last year of her A-levels and is looking forward to possibly taking a gap year to travel and then after that is planning to head off to university, she is so excited to see where God takes her!

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