Different Ways to Worship!

Worship is a lifestyle. What you do throughout the day is your act of worship to God

Patrick Mabilog

I was doing some research on worship and I came across this quote that really spoke to me. As Christian’s we may often find ourselves defining worship as singing praises to God. However The Word holds a lot more meaning than that. We should be worshipping Jesus every second of the day with the choices we make as well as the thoughts we have. There are many ways that you can worship God… i’ll list a few ideas below.


One way that is quite popular when it comes to worshiping is the use of art. This could be in the form of Bible Journaling, which I myself find really handy when it comes to getting into the word of God. It can also include painting canvases and many different surfaces whilst being lead by the Holy Spirit. The great thing about art is that if you are a visual learner then it may open up new ways to help to spread the Gospel! It also gives you time out of your day to sit in God’s presence and be moved by Him in a practical way. 


Another way of worship that you may not think of straight away is prayer. Overall, prayer is the process of speaking to God and you should use this time to thank Him for everything you have in life. It can be so easy to just focus on the negatives whilst praying and constantly ask God for things, however it is important to thank Him first, because He is the reason why we are all alive. 

Writing poems.

One more way that you can worship God is through writing poems. I absolutely love doing this as I have always been fascinated by the emotion that can be portrayed through poems. They can be written to God, or about Him and may be a great way to start worship ping our creator in a completely different way.

It is important to remember that worship doesn’t just happen at church on a Sunday and should be done every day of your life. 

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