Dealing with the lies

Hello friends!

I was having to have a good think about what to write this blog on but then I realised the answer is literally so obvious. I’m going to level with you, recently I’ve been exhausted. Exhausted by the enemy’s lies, exhausted by my expectations of myself and exhausted by desperately trying to earn the love of Jesus which I think has also bled into the people around me. In the midst of life’s craziness I’ve managed to forget who Jesus has said I am and all that He has spoken over me and called me to and instead have allowed peoples opinions of me, my past pain, and lies of the enemy to replace it. Not a good trade, wouldn’t recommend.

Anywho, it got me considering how is it that we stay sure of God and His grace for our lives and the story that He has written for us.  There’s a few things I have thought of practically that I think are key but I’m sure there’s many more that I will miss.

Firstly, although an obvious one but absolutely the most important is staying rooted in the word and spending time with God each and everyday. The thing is, how are you supposed to fight the lies if you’re not filling yourself with the truth? The Bible has been given to us as a literal guide to life from God to us, He tells who and whose we are, and more importantly who Jesus is. Keeping our eyes fixed on Him will help us to then fix them on His Kingdom and His people giving us a heck of a lot less time to spend looking at ourselves and listening to the irrelevant lies of the enemy.

The second thing that came to mind was “am I truly being honest with the people around me?” It’s so easy in life and especially within Christian culture to put your best foot forward and show everyone the very best version of yourself. I’m definitely not saying to share the depths of your soul with every person you come across, but having those few people who are wise, in love with Jesus and who you trust I think is so important to completely let in. Let them see the shadows of your soul that to be completely honest, you’d rather stay hidden and allow them to journey with you, speak truth into your life and to really love all of you.

My next questions is “are you really being honest with God?” I know for a fact I’ve allowed myself to walk in the rhythms I’m used to and the paths that have been well trodden without recognising how I’m actually doing, without taking the time to really sit and consider the state of my soul. God is absolutely desperate for all of you, not just the best bits you have on show on a Sunday at church but your deepest thoughts and desires of your heart. Even if it’s not pretty, God still completely and totally LOVES you. “His grace is sufficient”.

I want to encourage you live vulnerably, live honestly and live in the fullness of who God has created you to be. I’m going to try my best to as well. If you seek Him, you WILL find Him. He’s not hiding from you. He loves you!!

Have a beautiful week

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