I’ve recently started working for my home church, and one thing that we do as a team each week, that I absolutely love, is spend time before our staff meetings in worship and our pastor gives a little ‘food for thought’ for that week. One thing he spoke about recently was the ‘culture‘ we create for ourselves to do life in.

This spoke to me so deeply as I’ve recently moved back to my home town and living back with my parents. Prior to this move, I was living right by the beach with some incredible friends and there I really felt in my element, so moving back to where I grew up, felt like a real ‘step back’. A step back into the space that I had grown up in, and in the year that I had moved away, I felt like I had grown so much from who I was when I lived at home, that a ‘step back‘ scared me. What if I lose all the things I’ve learnt this last year? What if all the insecurities I had when I lived here returned? Prideful thoughts that I was too good to return there swarmed my head, even though I knew God had given me such a strong calling to return.

These sort of fears consumed my subconscious, but I didn’t realise until I heard my pastor speak about culture, and I pondered what kind of ‘culture‘ I was creating in this new season back at home. 

Nearly all of us will go into a season that we feel ‘too good‘ for, where we feel like we are taking a step back. Its in times like these that we need to be super aware of the culture that we are creating for ourselves. We must humble ourselves in prayer and submit to the plan God has for us, instead of walking into it with pride and arrogance, like I did. 

After becoming aware of this, I really felt God speak to me about changing my perspective on worship. It’s so easy to think that worship is only found in singing songs and prayer, that to go into ‘worship’ is decided in the order of a church service. However, worship is so much more of a heart posture. As Christians, we must take up the posture that worshipping God can be done through just living in God’s path for our lives. 

Psalm 71:8 “My mouth is filled with your praise, declaring your splendor all day long.”

When we choose to open our minds to what God is showing us, we are worshipping Him. God doesn’t want us to just have set, solid times to worship, but to intertwine it throughout our day to day. Our lives should be a beautiful duet of inviting God into every area of our lives and then shaping it into worship of Him. When we enjoy the day God has given us, we are ‘declaring His splendor‘ through worship. 

Choosing to live in the mindset of worship culture also gives God permission to show us where in our lives we have pushed Him out, because you’ll find that you can’t worship Him in some spaces. John 15:2 says “He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes”.  I challenge you to look into your day to day life and find the acts/postures you take that God doesn’t have permission to access, and to get rid of them.

My encouragement to you is to turn your day to day culture into worship for Him. When you’re making a coffee, or going for a walk, or creating something, pick up the heart posture of worship. When we use the gifting’s God gives us, we are walking in worship with Him. Choose worship culture.

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Maddy is currently running a community out of her church in Launceston, Cornwall. She has a passion for working in hospitality and reaching out into the community.

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