Coincidence? I think not…

Hey guys, it’s been a longgggg time since I last wrote a blog post, life has been so busy and so much stuff has been happening! Just finished my A level exams so woohoo! I’m gonna be honest though… over the last few months my faith has been the shakiest it’s ever been…I think I’ve just been so caught up in my life that unfortunately God has just been sat on the back burner which is not great, let’s be honest. But tonight, as I’m writing this, I came across a Bible verse which really has just summed it all up.

Colossians 3:2 [NIV]

‘Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.’

Sadly, I’ve been focusing so much on earthly things over the last few months that I just completely lost sight…

(earthly things consist of work, college, and commitments that just cause you to be soo busy that you have no time to even think about God)

Losing sight has taken me back to emotions that I really suffer from; lack of confidence, anxiety, stress, worrying and so much more, but you know what.. that’s okay!

In life we are going to go through these seasons of losing sight of God and getting distracted by earthly things, but the amazing thing is that even when we go through these seasons, God is still there! He will always be there, even if you don’t think He is! In the back of your mind, throughout all your emotions and actions, you know there is a glimpse of God there.

This happened to me a few weeks ago…I was having a reallyyy down evening and I didn’t really know why – I think it was just a build up of many things that had happened – so I just messaged my friend to see if she was free (coincidentally I reached out to a christian friend) shortly after, she turned up at mine with her boyfriend and we went back to there’s to chat about it all. And quite honestly I just sat there and cried…the advice they gave me was amazing, they honestly said SO many helpful things, but the one thing that stood out the most was when they turned around and said to me, ‘Megan do you think it’s a coincidence you messaged your christian friend to give you advice on this, no, it’s not, you messaged us because you know we would bring it back to God or bring God into the equation somehow, which makes me think you still have that desire for Him’… I was stunned haha, but it’s true, I think back now and I can see that I definitely must have still had God in my emotions my feelings and obviously, in my actions…

So, what I’m saying is that, even when you don’t feel God is present or acting in your life, He really really is. He is within you. He is in the back of your head, always a thought that you run back to. So, in those times of busyness or getting caught up in life, just take comfort in the fact that despite everything He is still there. Always walking with you. 

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