Agree to disagree.

I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory, and I realise just how beautiful you are, and great your affections are for me.

How he loves by Jesus culture

As Christians, God wants us to surround ourselves with other Christians and be able to confide, support and experience our journeys together. God wants us to be able to worship freely in our churches and have fellow Christians become our own family. As Christians we will often believe that we can’t love those who do not believe in Christ because of what we have heard, seen or even wrongly interpreted things. 

Throughout our lives we will always come into contact with Non- Christians, those who doubt our faith and those who don’t have the spiritual connections we have with God.  There will be people who deem their opinions right in regards to your belief and who you choose to worship and give thanks to. 

However, while God doesn’t want us to constantly surround ourselves with people who are non believers, He does want us to show compassion, love and respect. They are still Gods children they are just needing more time to find Christ. Which is okay!

Here are a few ways in which you can share your faith with non-believers. 

Share your testimony!

I have come across many people who have been blown away by many testimonies believe it or not as much as those who don’t believe say, ‘I don’t believe’ there will be something within your testimony that can soften the hearts of non believers.

Give non-believers chances to ask questions and for them to talk to you about their thoughts on your testimony. It really opens up a big conversation!

Show them Forgiveness.

Luke 23:34 [NIV]

Jesus said- “Father forgive them, for they they don’t know what they are doing”

Even when others wrongly do us and it seems like the worst thing someone can do, God teaches us that with His help, we can forgive even our worst enemies. You will find often that people who have wronged us sometimes won’t apologies, they may not even see any faults in the way they have treated you no matter how hard to explain to them. But instead of showing anger and resentment show them love and forgiveness just like when the Lord forgives us. 

Pray for them. 

I often found that saying ‘I’ll pray for you’ annoyed more people than it did uplift, as some don’t understand how prayer can help, it looks and comes across as though you’re talking to no one.  But sometimes it can comfort and make people feel closer and like it said can soften hearts. 

Be respectful of boundaries. 

As Christians we should be more than willing to embrace others for who they are, rather than what we wish they could be. You should always respect and understand that not everyone is going to have the same ‘religious’ views as you. God doesn’t have favourites and He doesn’t expect you to either. If you’re struggle with accepting people for who they are then seek to God for help and guidance on how you can understand where they are as people. It maybe hard but understand when to walk away in terms of people who may not be very accepting to what you’re trying to share and when to show love. 

Despite having the different views on religion, you can still have tons in common with your non-believing friends and family. Instead of creating tension, work on building a stronger connection with your non-Christian friends and family just like you would anyone else. 

Sometimes God will work through you and that love will be projected onto someone else and like i said could begin to soften them and for them to become more open to the idea of God. 

God is an all loving God.

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Beth will be starting university in September, studying Primary Education. She is super excited about the future and what God has in store for her over the next coming years.

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