Every Season Counts is passionate about encouraging, inspiring and empowering  young women through every season that they face in life. We hope and pray that whatever season you are currently going through, that this can be a loving place for you. 

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Meet Lydia.

 Hey! I’m Lydia and I’m the founder of Every Season Counts. ESC is something that God placed on my heart for quite awhile before becoming a reality on May 5th 2019. My hope and prayer is that you find ESC to be a place full of love and support during every season in your life. 

A dream of mine is for every single girl to feel loved and to feel beautiful without feeling the need to get the approval of others. I want people to know their worth, their beauty, their strength and their identity that is found in Jesus. I want them to celebrate their uniqueness, to be proud of their minds and their creativity.  This is what it’s all about…

Life can be full of so many highs and so many lows, it can be full of so much joy and happiness, yet so much sadness and pain. This whirlwind of seasons filled with a whirlwind of emotions that life takes us on can be so confusing and challenging, at times it can feel pointless and exhausting too. But you see, all of these seasons and these emotions prepare you for things that God has in store for you. You see, through all of these seasons Jesus continues to love you deeply, He continues to see you as His beautiful and strong daughter, even if you don’t or can’t see it. Every Season Counts was created to let people know their worth, beauty, strength and identity through all the seasons that they face. It was created to show girls that no matter what they are facing or the season they are going through, God has something so beautiful and wonderful in store for them. It was created to help girls to grow in themselves and in their faith together during every season. I hope that ESC can be that place for you. 

ESC Team.

We have a wonderful team of regular writers who work together to bring you amazing content each month. Each of these writers has a beautiful heart for Jesus and for people. They have a passion to share the incredible message of Gods love and His goodness to everyone. We hope you enjoy the wonderful content that these beautiful people create for you.